Yes, these cows have holes

As odd as it sounds, you can touch the inside of a cow! in case you did not know, many animals can live with a hole in their stomachs through a cannula, which is used for veterinarians to see how the food is being digested. For the first time he saw the picture cow with a hole in the side, I thought it was someone’s joke. What one did with the help of Photoshop cow semblance of rubber toys. And now you can write poems about them in the likeness of a song about a hedgehog who “whistling hole in his right side.”


But as it turned out, cows with rubber flaps in the side do exist. Moreover, such cases are not unique, and there are entire farm operated with herds of animals. Honestly, this looks very scary sight. It turns out that this is not a whim of the farmers who have decided to make a kind of piercing his Cows and a new word in veterinary medicine. The fact that the stomach of a cow – a complex multi-level mechanism to digest huge amounts of fiber.


At its core, it’s a whole mini-mill, which thanks to a special micro flora in the nutrients are processed even cellulose. Therefore, the cow can eat quietly, such as hay. However, cow’s digestive tract micro flora is quite sensitive and can easily break the unbalanced diet. For example, when Burenka after prolonged feeding hay rapidly becomes food for young clover, beet or silage, is her problems begin. Microorganisms do not have time to readjust to digest the new food, and a cow is suffering from oversupply in the rumen (one of the parts of the stomach).


If time does not help the animal, it may even die from suffocation. Previously, in such cases it was decided to pierce the cow stomach in a certain place, to release the excess gas. It was a special and rather painful procedure because it provided a noticeable delay. After all, pet owners usually tried to delay until the last call the vet, hoping beast itself will be better. Now practice the introduction of a special valve that can be opened at the right time.


Through the valve can not only display extra gases. But to remove the part of the food went there, not to provoke further proliferation of microorganisms. In addition, through such hole can now be timely to control the concentration of bacteria in the stomach and unicellular cows and feed her those feeds that Burenka able to digest the maximum benefit for themselves.

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