Winter landscape fairy-tale lakes

Winter Idyll our natural treasure stands fantastic and this is very much recognized and decided to record these fantastic photos that you can see in our gallery. About Plitvice Lakes we certainly should know the basic information: it consists of 16 lakes


located between Mala Kapela and Plitvice, a travertine barriers, which occurred over a period of ten thousand years, are one of the fundamental features of the park in which the source of the river Koran. But what is perhaps less known is a legend about the Plitvice Lakes. On some maps that are part of the Croatian still called the Devil’s gardens because of its location and history. According to legend, the Plitvice lakes were created after a long drought. People, animals and plants have yearned for a drop of water so that the people prayed and prayed.


Then in the valley appeared the Black Queen with her magnificent retinue and mercy to the people – along with strong wind and thunder on the country’s rain came. It had rained for a long time, until the water level has not grown enough to create lakes.


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