Why do not we see Kate Middleton in public again?

Recently, the Duchess of Cambridge was in the center of close attention at several ceremonial events of the royal family . And the constant control over the mischievous children of Buckingham Palace at official events has many children mother,

probably tired. At the wedding of Harry and Megan, she was responsible for driving the smart kid into the church, and at the recent celebration of Elizabeth II’s ” second birthday” – Kate was in charge of the order on the royal balcony.

But it seems that everyone forgot that officially the 36-year-old mother is on maternity leave. After the birth of her adorable boy, Prince Louis, it was expected that she would not appear in public for the next six months (from April to October). Apparently, both the royal wedding and the anniversary were more family events than official events. This means that this Saturday, perhaps we saw the Duchess for the last time until the fall.

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