The Weeknd tries to return Bella Hadid

Rapper Abel Tesfaye, known as The Weeknd , and Bella Hadid met for a year and a half and broke up at the beginning of November last year. Soon (and it was rumored that at the same time) the rapper spun an affair with Selena Gomez , which was hard


perceived by Hadid . However, weeknd’s relationship with Gomez ended a few weeks ago, and while the singer is going through reconciliation with her former boyfriend Justin Bieber , Abel is also trying to regain what he has lost. According to media reports, The Weeknd intends to revive the affair with Bella Hadid. Sources of the publication Life & Style report that the singer literally attacks Bella’s phone. “Bella receives regular messages and calls from The Weeknd. He wants her to come back, “insisted the insider.

According to him, the rapper fell asleep with the ex-beloved flowers. As they say in the environment of Tesfaye, what he needs is Hadid, he understood after parting with Gomez, the relationship with which was not easy: “They argued about anything, and it was easy for Bella Abel”. It seems that the rapper has no chance – Hadid meets with Drake , his good (in the past) friend. “Abel is devastated by the fact that Drake and Bella together.” Hadid herself no longer keeps evil on the former boyfriend, but his attempts to return everything to her are uninteresting.

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