Wear scarves and scarves, like icons of the style of the past

Instead caps, straw hats and panam it’s time to get a bandana or at least a scarf. Hiding from the scorching summer sun is best with the help of a scarf or scarf, and this is confirmed by archival photos of the legendary icons of the style of the last century.

For example, this season, you can tie a multifunctional pirate bandana, like Jane Birkin, to your wrist (or ankle), tie a tall tail around her, and cover her hair in case of exhausting heat. You can recreate a touching photo of Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, for this wind around the neck of a loved one a red scarf.

Lovers of Boho style will appreciate the turban , which adored Bianca Jagger, Grace Kelly, and now it’s your turn. The turban will save you from the sun in both the city and the French Riviera, and give your image a luxurious vintage “touch”. Master this is best from a large silk handkerchief.

For those who are not looking for easy ways and want to find a unique way to wear a handkerchief, there are examples of Twiggy that replaced ivory silk lace, or our beloved Jane Birkin, who easily turned any scarf into a basket decoration with a handle wrapped around a silk cloth .

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