Water Sassi: an easy way to lose a few kilos

A dietitian Cynthia Sass developed a recipe for the drink , which would normalize the stomach and intestines , eliminates toxins and reduced flatulence. But it turned out , that the drink has a strong side effect – weight loss!Water-Sassi,-Water-Sassi-recipe,-Water-Sassi-ingredients,-Water-Sassi-for-health
Recipe ” Water Sassi”

2 liters of bottled drinking water
tablespoon minced fresh ginger root
1 peeled cucumber
Peppermint ( 2-3 branches)
grapefruit or lemon ( to choose)
verbena and sage
Add the water shredded ginger , finely chopped cucumber and mint. Put everything in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning add the water finely chopped citrus , verbena leaves or sage. Leave another 12 hours , all the ingredients present, and gave water all useful.
How to drink
The first 4 days – the bigger , the better , and ideally all drinking 2 liters per day. The first glass – always the morning on an empty stomach , the remaining water – during the day , but not later , than 2 hours before bedtime. Then, within a month Sassi water you need to drink at least 2 times a day for a glass , but if you want more ( and it really is delicious) – only better! In addition to reducing the weight of 4-5 kg , you will notice , that the digestion was better , complexion freshened , back color , and the mood was much better!

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