Volvo S90 – V90: All driver

First connectivity with mobile phone with the top Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, be present in the S90 , V90 , V90CC and of course the XC90 ! The Volvo does not stop only at these two systems, after informing the lucky prospective customers that the Volvo S90, Volvo XC90 and Volvo V90, will have the most modern navigation systems with the most updated maps, so better come.


Apart from comfort and luxury, the Swedish brand, traditionally places emphasis on key security. Some of them are the Slippery Road Alert system that warns of slippery road. Equally important is the Hazard Light Alert system, which undertakes to update the driver for limited visibility front within milliseconds,


for example from any possible light from the opposite side of the road-that of vehicles moving in opposite current. The truth is that the entire series of 90 particularly love, something to prove and sales, with the Germans already have a big headache by the Swedes, who also has intensified with the advent of S90.

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