Villa on the Mediterranean Sea in Spain

Villa El Portet is located on a narrow and elongated plot in the small seaside town of Moraira, Spain. The building area of 1246 square meters designed by Ramon Esteve Estudio . Architects managed to create a studio in house territory own universe, isolated from the outside world.


Elongated shape area defined contour of the building, consisting of several prisms of different sizes, connected to each other and stretched into one long line. The structure is isolated from neighboring houses and is open towards the own garden. Each volume is slightly shifted with respect to the next, allowing to strengthen the relationship between interior and exterior, thus creating a richer space, well lit and ventilated, as well as to emphasize the independence of individual rooms without loss of continuity between them.


Smaller volumes are only one floor, and they are areas that perform public functions, such as living room, dining room or kitchen, connected with garden and pool via the console veranda. Large prisms are two floors in the bedrooms are located. space with double height ceiling of prisoners in the central volume and closes the entrance hall. It towers over the other prisms and highlights the entrance area, marked by a massive stone wall.


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