Two giant suns will soon collide – and you will see it from the ground

It does not require any telescope, when two suns collide in the space. When you look up at the stars at night, you might think that the space seems endless, but actually as colliding stars and planets far away from our planet all the time.


When two stars collide, so call astrophysicists phenomenon of a supernova, and for the first time ever, an American astrophysicist set a date for the next supernova of its kind. According to Larry Molnar, who teaches at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michgan, then the next supernova take place in 2022 give or take a year, and as the biggest natural phenomenon in the world, then the explosion could clearly be seen from Earth.

– There’s one in a million chance you can anticipate an explosion. It’s never been done before, says the cocksure Larry Molnar, who stands by his prediction. After observing other stars who suddenly lost the light, so think Larry now that the two stars ‘merge,’ and that it thus triggering a massive explosion in space which we can clearly see in the night sky.

When the explosion occurs, then it will be seen with the naked eye in the zodiac known as the Swan, where the supernova will add a new star to the cross in the familiar constellation.

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