The Twin Towers of China with 200 meters high and 3000 plants in balconies is what most incredible we’ve ever seen!

It is good that these vertical forests in China’s Nanjing will produce 60 pounds of oxygen per day, because it will take your breath away literally when see. They called Towers of Nanjing and when completed in 2018 will be the first vertically forests of Asia.

The towers are designed by Italian architect Stafano Boeri, will have a height of 200 and 108 meters respectively and will include more than 1,000 trees and shrubs about 2,500 from 23 different native species. It is not the first vertical forest is designed by Stefano. There are already two such forests, which are called Bosco Verticale, Milan and are designed similar buildings in Lausanne. In a world that constantly polluted, these green plans are a breath of fresh air.

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