Try – torture: Melania Trump has repeatedly tried to escape from her husband

For several months on the Net and the media are discussing Donald Trump ‘s treason to his wife Melania. According to insiders, the only reason Melania has not divorced her husband is their son Barron. Recently it was confirmed by the official representative

of the First Lady, who asked the press not to interfere with Barron’s name in the scandalous news. However, as it turned out, there were opportunities to leave Melania before, but she did not use them. In the new book Trump White House: Changing Game Rules, author Ronald Kessler quotes the former butler of Donald Trump Tony Sekala. According to Tony, even at the beginning of the marriage, Melanie learned that her husband was cheating on her.

Trump found her husband at the residence of Mar-a-Lago with his ex-girlfriend – model Kara Young. Then the future first lady packed her things and was going to leave from the unfaithful. “In a week she returned. Her suitcases were still on the plane to New York. When I brought them into the house, I laughed very much, “Sekala shared.

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