Trump wants Congress for money wall on border with Mexico, “let alone advance”

The transition team of US President-elect Donald Trump made it clear to the Republican leaders in Congress that he wants Congress pay for the Trump wall between Mexico and the United States wants to build. That report Republican sources from the House of Representatives on CNN.


This Trump would be a major break from his campaign promise, that he would require Mexico to pay for that wall. “Mexico will repay us afterwards,” Trump responds. “This approach will go a lot faster.” In October Trump suggested for the first time all that Mexico, the US would have to repay the cost of the wall.

According to the Trump team they have permission to build a wall, by a 2006 law which George Bush still had voices. However, there is no money to pay for construction. “If we admission that funding for ten years, we can start the process of Trump’s campaign promise to secure the border, to redeem,” said Republican Luke Messer. The Republican admitted that it is a lot of money, “but it’s a matter of priorities.” State in a bill filed last year that the price tag could be $
10 billion.

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