Trump threatens net-and goes in war of words with CNN journalist

BuzzFeed going to feel the consequences of bringing the report put Trump in bad light, he says. New York. Donald Trump goes to war with several American media during a news conference just a week before he takes over as US president. A journalist from CNN tried to shout to get through with a question during the press conference. It was rejected by a mad president.


– I will not be allowed to ask questions. In bringing false news, says Trump. The reason for the anger is a report from an intelligence agent. Netmediet BuzzFeed chose to bring the full report of 35 pages with explosive – but unconfirmed – about a billion employee’s relationship with Russia. Before the quarrel with CNN Republican generated a threat to BuzzFeed. They’re going to feel the impact. They do this already, he says.

When a reporter from the BBC later approached with a question, said the future president: BuzzFeed’s landfill. BCC is a beauty. He criticized the media that brought the story. And even if he did not come with a direct accusation about the origin, he came with a clear hint. Maybe it was the secret service, who leaked it. It would be an ugly stain on their reputation, says Trump.

The report written by a former British intelligence agent. It contains, among other mention of a video to be recorded by the Russian secret service FSB. On the video appears Donald Trump in an alleged orgy at a hotel in Moscow in 2013. Before the press conference was his nominee for the post of foreign minister in the fire in the Senate.During his approval hearing was Rex Tillerson, formerly head of the oil company Exxon with close ties to Russia, too busy to distance itself from the Russians.

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