Trump called Meryl Streep overvalued after criticism

Donald Trump is similar in harsh terms again at criticism from Hollywood star Meryl Streep, who among other things has condemned the upcoming President’s imitation of a disabled journalist. In a response to Streep attacks against


a number of his statements during the election campaign says Trump that Streep is a fan of Hillary Clinton, “who lost big.” Trump writes on Twitter that “Meryl Streep, who is one of the most overrated actors in Hollywood, do not know me, but attacked me yesterday at the presentation of the Golden Globes.”

Earlier Monday rejected Trump that he had made fun of a disabled journalist. – People keep saying that I deliberately made fun of the journalist’s disability, like Meryl Streep and others could read my mind, came the reply from Donald Trump. Donald Trump also stressed that the criticism from “left-wing filmmakers” does not come back on him. The triple Oscar-winner Meryl Streep criticized Trump to create division with a tough rhetoric.

The 67-year-old actor struggled openly to control his emotions when she lashed out at US President-elect in his acceptance speech for the Cecil B DeMille honorary award. – I and all of us in this hall belongs really the most slandered and nedrakkede groups in American society at this time, think about it. Hollywood, foreigners and the press, says hun.- Who are we. And when you think about it, what is Hollywood?

– It’s just a lot of people who have come from around the world. Hollywood is packed with outsiders and foreigners, and if they get kicked out, then there is nothing else to see than football and movies with martial arts. Streep attacks on Trump’s election campaign, which comes less than two weeks before the Republican politician is inserted in the White House, will be in the speech built up more and more direct criticism. Streep protesting against that Trump made fun of the handicapped journalist Serge Kovaleski during the election campaign.

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