Trump berserk on Twitter: Going to war with the media, Clinton and Schwarzenegger

According to the future president must bordering Semur that Americans will behave, still paid by Mexico. America’s next president, Donald Trump, wrote in a tweet that the money that Americans spend on building a wall on the border

with Mexico, to be repaid by Mexico later. CNN could otherwise previously reported that Trump was on track to fail one of its most significant promises during the election campaign: to let Mexico pay for a wall to prevent Hispanics from coming illegally into the United States.

So it was Mexico, which initially had to pay for the work to build a wall. It has Mexico’s President and government flatly rejected. “The dishonest media have not reported that any money used to build the Great Wall (for the sake of doing it quickly) will be repaid by Mexico later,”

wrote Trump in his tweet. the new tweet from Trump shortly after noon Friday Danish time when Trump suggests that wall in the first instance be paid by American taxpayers, but that he will later collect money from the Mexican government. Republican politicians expect according to CNN support from Democrats in Congress’s two chambers, the Senate and House of Representatives, to find the necessary money for the project.

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