Trump and Kim agreed on joint declaration after the historic summit

After a year of threats, promises and excitement, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un met in Singapore on Tuesday. The summit ended with the two leaders signing a joint declaration at. 07:40 Norwegian time. “This is a very important document, a

thorough document, and we have had a nice time together – a great relationship,” said Trump just before signing. “Today we have had a historic meeting. We are eager to put the past behind us. The world wants to see big changes, said Kim. The text in the document was possible to read when Trump kept it up after signing it. The Joint Declaration appears to have four points:

The parties agree to “establish a new relationship” between the countries and that both want peace and prosperity.
North Korea and the United States will work together to create “lasting and stable peace” on the Korean Peninsula.
North Korea will seek full disarmament of nuclear weapons in the Korean Peninsula.
The United States and North Korea will collaborate on finding and returning the remains of soldiers who fell in battle or were arrested during the Korean War.
The document contains no promises of how North Korea will eventually get rid of its nuclear weapons, and this point is essentially a repetition of what Kim agreed to meet South Korea’s president, Moon Jae-in, in April. Vipin Narang, who teaches nuclear disarmament and North Korea at MIT, points out that in 1993, North Koreans promised a nuclear weapon-free Korea

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