True MIRACLE 3 Lions save the life 12 year old girl kidnapped and tortured 7 Men

Women living in Ethiopia face a very harsh reality. They live with the fear of the kidnap, rape will, or will force them to marry. According to NBC News, about 70% of girls in Ethiopia forced to marry after abduction, and live in poor areas among 71 million inhabitants.


A 12 year old girl, was abducted and beaten by men who were trying to force her to marry. The girl was lost for a whole week and all searching frantically to find it. Her family had lost all hope, by the time three wild lions saved her life. When the police found the girl knocked on the outskirts of Bita Genet, they could not believe their eyes. The girl guarded by three lions who protected it from the kidnappers. A police officer said: “The guarded until you find it. Once we found we fled to the forest! “

The Stuart Williams, a wildlife expert, said the crying little girl was probably the reason he was saved. “The lions may be perceived as crying meow newborn lion. Only then is it that did not eat the. ” Police have identified only four of the seven men involved in this crime, but continue the search.

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