The Tower of London was protected by the Evil Forces magic

Archaeologists have found symbols of protection dozens on the framework of the London fortress. A discovery that would prove that its inhabitants tried to defend against occult powers. Archaeologists have identified 54 brands, engraved in the beams between the mid-16 th century and early 18 th century.


They were supposed to protect the fire building and lightning away the Dark and witchcraft invocations. The symbols found are either a double V, referring to the Virgin Mary (Virgo Virginum in Latin), a M for Mary.

” The discovery of these symbols sheds new day life in the Tower of London during the often troubled times,” said Alden Gregory, head of the Historic Royal Palaces, institution that manages the fortress, one of the most monuments visited the city and home to the Crown jewels, the British newspaper the Independent .

Archaeologists also discovered protective marks on an oak door inside the “Queen’s House”, a building within the fortress where lies the representative of the monarchy, the Lieutenant of the Tower. “These markings reveal the hopes, fears and desires of those who lived in this castle every day during this period,” says James Wright, archaeologist specializing in historical monuments.

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