Three more women accused Donald Trump of harassment: “His hands were everywhere!”

On the air of NBC, Jessica Lied, Rachel Crooks and Samantha Holvy accused Donald Trump of harassment! Girls demand that the US Congress begin an investigation against the president. “I participated in the contest in 2006,” says Holvi. – Once Trump came to our


locker room: he was not embarrassed that we were almost naked. He always looked at me like a piece of meat – as if I was created for his pleasure, “Samantha says. Recall, Donald was one of the organizers of the beauty contest “Miss USA”. Rachel Crookes faced the indecent behavior of a businessman in the Trump Tower, where Rachel worked. They met at the elevator.

A harmless handshake ended up in the fact that Trump began to kiss the girl on the cheeks and lips. An unpleasant situation happened with Jessica Leeds. In 1980, they were behind neighboring seats on board the aircraft. The billionaire touched the woman’s chest and tried to climb under her skirt: “As an octopus! His hands were everywhere, “Leeds recalls. Recall that earlier Trump had already been accused of harassment, but Donald denied everything.

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