The rules: 8 cases when Megan Mark violated the royal protocol

Megan Markle in no way can get used to the fact that the status of a member of the royal family requires the implementation of certain rules. Well, while the actress is just learning to be a princess, she is forgiven for her little pranks. What kind? Let’s remember!

When, on the day of the engagement, both Markle and Prince Harry came to the crowd of photographers, Megan, in a chic white coat and beach shoes, still upset Elizabeth II – she did not wear pantyhose, which, according to the rules of the royal court, was an inadmissible luxury.

If the royal court celebrates Christmas – this is a grand feast, which can only get members of the royal family. However Megan this year was still present at the celebration – Elizabeth II could not refuse her beloved grandson, who really wanted the bride to be there. Let and at the cost of breaking age-old traditions.
Queen Elizabeth II wears hats, the hair of the Duchess Catherine is always packed. And this is not a whim, and the rule is that the hairstyle should be without any special frills, but neat. However, Megan this rule is unknown, so often she goes out into the world with a careless bunch.

You’ll never see Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge behind warm embraces in public. What can not be said about Megan and Harry – they now and again hug each other and hold hands.
For security reasons, the royal family does not give autographs, but Megan is not from the cowardly – she is always happy to leave a signature. Members of the royal family should be restrained not only with each other, but also in communicating with the fans. However, when Megan and Harry recently visited the Star Hub leisure center, the prince’s bride happily embraced the children.Kate Middleton complements the images with clutches – so there is a

reasonable explanation for why she almost never shakes hands with the fans (in fact, this is prohibited for security reasons). In the future, Megan will have to completely abandon bags over her shoulder.
In royal circles, black is the color of mourning events. However, Megan, this law is not written – somehow she was walking the black total look, the only bright accent of which was a green bag.

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