The royal family has developed three plans to save Megan Markle from her father

It seems that the scandal that has inflamed because of the statements of Father Megan Markle, is gaining momentum. The situation is already, apparently, out of control and has become a real headache, not only for the Duchess of Sussex,

but for the rest of the royal family. Their patience, according to sources close to Kensington Palace, is already at an end, and Queen Elizabeth II herself is ready to intervene. If it continues, I think the queen will intervene and figure it out, Says the source. In the palace, even several meetings have already passed, at which possible ways of solving the problem were discussed. In the meantime, there are three options.

The first one assumes that Megan will meet with her father herself and try to agree on everything with him. The second is that instead of Megan, the mediator will do it. Well, the third option for her may be the most difficult, but at the same time the most effective – she just needs to stop all communication with him in the hope that he will stop. Megan, according to the insider, “deeply injured” by the fact that the situation is only aggravated. Much support is provided by Kate Middleton , who, despite being busy, finds time for her daughter-in-law and tries to see her at least once a week.

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