The rich also cry. About how hard to fly business class

Tourists and business people who are able to travel first class, obtained from the airlines a variety of additional service options. For them, there is a separate registration procedure, they are waiting for your flight in a comfortable hall, simplified landing the plane, but inside they are waiting for the broad ranks of seats and special meals. It would seem – fly and rejoice.


However, it turns out, many of the passengers on the service airlines are waiting for much more. And, as always, their dissatisfaction with these travelers take out on cabin crew. What I do not like the business class passengers? Look at the list, which was compiled on scheduled flights to Los Angeles, lasting more than 10 hours.

Pajamas are too long and there is smaller.
The massage chair massage is too weak.
On board do not offer champagne Dom Perignon.
The mattress on the recumbent seat is too thin.
The rows are too wide! TV built into the seat in front is sitting too far away and difficult to see. On the table are too many drinks – it’s hard to get up to go to the toilet. (Number of drinks orders a passenger) Touch sensors in the toilets poorly configured, the water is turned on at the wrong time and fly spray on clothing. In general, the fly is not too easy to business class.

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