The insider told about the true relationship between Kate Middleton and Megan Markle

The favorites of the two British princes are compared to whom not laziness. Firstly, Kate Middleton and Megan Markle of the same age – both 36 years old. Secondly, the popularity of the bride of Prince Harry and the number of its bright outlets in the world beat the records of Prince William’s wife. However, it seems that the rivalry between Kate and Megan is

exaggerated. In any case, they themselves are not greatly disturbed by the incessant conversations about him. Insiders are rushing to say that the Duchess of Cambridge and the future Duchess of Sussex have really become friends – treat each other sisterly. I’m sure Kate will do everything possible to help Megan, “said a source from the entourage of the Duchess Catherine.

He added that Queen Elizabeth II, when Kate was the bride of William, personally taught her everything that it is necessary to know the future queen. It is worth recalling that Prince William is in second place in the queue for the throne. By the way, Prince Harry with the advent of his brother’s third child will move to sixth place in the royal queue. Megan can be cheerful and serious, and still extremely hardworking. Kate will find in her a great friend,”said another insider. Moving to London, Megan settled with Harry next door to his brother, so Markle and Middleton had all the conditions for rapprochement.

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