Tender hugs with children and feelings in public: how was the second day of Megan Markl and Prince Harry in Australia

The program of the second day of the royal tour of Megan Markle and Prince Harry turned out to be no less intense than the day before . Acquainted with Sydney, yesterday the couple went to the city of Dubbo, where they had to visit several places at once.

First, the couple went to a local farm, where Prince Harry gave a speech and expressed concern that there is often a drought in this region. Megan, who appeared in a more informal way, replacing elegant dresses and classic shoes with skinny jeans, a loose white shirt,

an elongated gray-over blazer and ankle boots, supported her husband and seemed very caring when she held an umbrella over Prince Harry. When the mayor of the city offered Prince Harry an umbrella, he replied about the following: All right, I have a wife, – he joked.

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