tains serotonin – the hormone of happiness, and regulates appetite!

Kiwi is a small fruit that conceals a high nutritive power. Below we bring you a few facts about the kiwi that maybe you did not know.Kiwi-,-Kiwi--fruit,-Kiwi--benefits,-Kiwi--for-health
Nutritional wealth kiwi
One medium kiwi weighs about 70 g, and contains plenty of vitamins and minerals . For example, one kiwi fruit can satisfy 80% of daily needs for vitamin C. Kiwi boasts the content of magnesium and potassium, but what makes it really interesting is the proportion of serotonin.
Happiness hormone regulates appetite
Serotonin is often called happiness hormone because it affects the mood, and also improves memory and regulates appetite. It is important for the regulation of sleep which is why the researchers examined the impact of kiwi on sleep quality in 2011. Respondents for 4 weeks hour before bedtime eating two kiwifruit, and the results showed that the kiwi – better sleep.
How to easily peel?
A tip if the kiwi its thin skin with a knife, we’ll probably cut too much fruit. But this problem can be remedied by scraping the kiwi with the help of spoons. Cut off both ends, and then slide a large spoon between the bark and fruit and turning kiwi in hand with a spoon remove the crust. You’ll get a crust in the form of a roller and perfectly peeled kiwi.

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