Swimming with stingrays

Deep in the sea Swimming with stingrays! Some models have recently or had very exotic photo shoot. The shoot took place at the bottom of the sea with the prop several stingrays. This species is found only in tropical waters and is renowned for its ‘spine’. The 55-year-old photographer Christian Coulombe shot the ‘magical’ pictures near Moorea in the beautiful blue waters of the South Pacific.


Models in bikinis took underwater kinds – surely uncomfortable – poses with, around or under them a photogenic
stingray. One model seems to find it easier than others, but the fact remains that these species will defend itself if it feels attacked him.


“The rays reflected a stunning ‘symbiosis’ between them and the models, in a lovely setting” adds photographer. “It
creatures graciously and willingly come into contact with people. The pictures show genuine respect and love for nature. See below some pictures of the tropical photo shoot.


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