Sweet truth: which is better to use sugar before exercise

Doctors told that sugar – is the main enemy of health. Given that his excessive consumption leads to obesity, heart disease and diabetes, this assertion groundless. However, even without sugar people can not exist. Sugar is an important source of energy, and it is the main fuel for the brain.


Another thing is that sugar is sugar alike. The American Public Health Association ( American the Public Health Association, the APHA) recommends eating no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day for women and 9 tablespoons of man. And this is the maximum!

For the record – one teaspoon of sugar without the slides is 4 grams and 16 calories (and 100 grams of a little less than 400 kcal). Do you think you’re in this norm are stacked?

Do not jump to conclusions! Because the rate of teaspoons is not just pure sugar that you put in your tea or coffee, but also one that is included in other products. For example, it is even oatmeal! What can we say about the other dishes and pastries.

And if I go to the gym? A visit to the gym does not give you the right to swallow each caught the eye of a dessert. Keep track of how much you eat. It may happen that you do not burn as many calories as you think.

Although the body most quickly absorbs the glucose, the athletes still need all kinds of sugars (see. Below ). Each of them employs various types of metabolism and to provide energy to increase the intensity of exercise. And by the way,

the body metabolizes glucose and fructose faster when you eat them together, combining, for example, popcorn, apples and bananas. So sugar before exercise – it’s not always a bad thing. Another thing of which products it gets into your body.

The best way to get sugar from natural foods, not from sweets. For instance, you get fruit not only sugar and other nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. The energy will flow smoothly to the muscles for a long time, not sharp jumps. Do not forget that your pre-workout snack should consist of food, ie sugar from it should slowly come into the blood. Prefer apples and peanut butter, rather than chewy candies or crackers.

It is a carbohydrate that is rapidly broken down to produce energy all the way. And it is found in many foods, including fruits, pasta and bread. This is just the sugar that is burned more efficiently. Due to the fact that glucose – is a monosaccharide, it is the simplest form of sugar, is used in the cells of the body first. Glucose goes directly into the bloodstream, and is not processed in any organ. Therefore, it is best to recharge before training. Grab a snack wholegrain biscuits or toast with peanut butter, to be in shape.

Another monosaccharide. However, in the bloodstream falls immediately. You’ll find fructose in honey, fruit, fruit juices, vegetables. It differs from glucose in that before entering the blood stream and then to the muscles, the liver is cleaved. A serious disadvantage – the free radicals and triglycerides (fat types), so an excessive amount of fructose in the proceeds weight. To avoid this, eat fruit in moderation, limit the number of drunk juice and not get carried away with honey.
Malt sugar, composed of two glucose molecules. Maltose is not often found in food, but it is used (definitely not recommended before exercise) for the production of beer. This type of sugar it takes some time to get to the muscles, because we must first pass through the small intestine.

Lactose is found in dairy products and is composed of molecules of glucose and galactose, which slows cleavage (in the intestine) of the sugar. Some people have trouble digesting lactose, so do not use it before your workout, especially if you are stomach pain.

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