Summit between Trump and Kim on June 12 at 9 o’clock in Singapore

The first meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will take place on Tuesday 12 June at 9 am in Singapore. That has been communicated by the White House. “We are actively preparing for the summit,”

says Sarah Sanders, spokesperson for Trump. She confirms that “considerable progress” has been made in the consultation with Pyongyang. Last month the American president canceled the consultation with Kim Jong-un. In a letter to the North Korean leader, he said that the “great anger and overt hostility of his country’s recent statements” was the reason to cancel the summit. North Korea quickly showed that Trump’s decision was a pity. Since then, diplomats from both countries have worked to smooth out the folds. After a high-ranking Kim Jong-un officer visited Washington last week, Trump announced that the summit would continue as previously agreed.

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