While Stella does not see: Kristen Stewart is looking for a meeting with Robert Pattinson

According to Western media, Kristen Stewart once again felt a sense for Robert Pattinson! A source close to the actress told Ok magazine that Stuart had already called the ex-boyfriend several times and was trying to come to an agreement with him about the meeting.


However, apparently, Pattinson remained faithful to his fiancée, singer Talia Barnett. It’s interesting, what about the behavior of Kristen thinks her current passion, the model of Stella Maxwell? Recall, the novel Kristen and Robert began on the set of the saga “Twilight”. In 2012, Robert learned that Stewart had changed him with director Rupert Sanders. After that the lovers parted, but after a few months they came together again. Pattinson even made a proposal to Kristen, but before the wedding did not come and the actors parted.

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