Spotted with gold sparkles Kim Kardashian undressed to advertise her brand

In late November, Kim Kardashian published on her page in Instagram a picture of her nude posing and her body covered in pink and pearly sequins. Then many fans assumed that the star of the reality show “The Kardashian Family” “shone” thanks to the

friable pigments and highlighter from the line of its beauty brand. However, now Kim has published backstage-footage from the photo session, and fans have discovered that the body of the celebrity is covered not with pink, but with golden sequins.

Then in the comments under pictures with multi-functional liquid hailers there were comments that pink shades look in reality quite differently from the photo. What is not surprising, given that the pink “skin” Kim was the result of pictures against the background of silver holographic paper and processing frames in “Photoshop”.

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