Serious announcement: ‘An atomic war can come at any time’

North Korea’s UN deputy ambassador says that the situation in the Korean peninsula has “reached the maximum excitement point”. “An atomic war can break out anytime,” said Kim In-ryong. The words fell on Monday in the disarmament committee of the UN General Assembly.


Here, the Deputy Ambassador also said that no country in the world has been exposed to a “so extreme and direct nuclear threat from the United States” like North Korea. In his speech, Kim In-ryong says that his country has the right to defend itself against the United States. He points to the major military exercises that the United States has conducted with South Korea. Kim In-ryong also accuses the United States of “having initiated a secret mission to remove our sovereignty at all”.

This happens with reference to the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, as US President Donald Trump has threatened several times in recent months. Among other things, Trump said in a speech at the UN General Assembly recently that the United States may have to “wipe out” North Korea. Kim In-Ryong believes that “North Korea is a voluntary nuclear power that possesses a variety of bombs, including nuclear bombs, hydrogen bombs and intercontinental ballistic missiles.”

The Vice-Ambassador also faced a direct threat to the United States. “The whole of the United States mainland is within the reach of our missiles. If the United States invades us, it will not be able to escape our hard punishment anywhere in the globe, he says. In recent months, the isolated regime has sent more missiles over Japan and conducted nuclear testing. There has been pressure on North Korea to rise. Among other things, the UN has introduced new sanctions against the pressed country.

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