The secret to a healthy, firm and smooth skin is behind this face mask

The skin is the largest organ of our body and this has great consequences both positive and negative. Our skin is always in contact with the outside, especially the hands and face, therefore, these are the parts of our body that tend to reveal our age because they are where wrinkles, besides the skin also weakens appear.


If you want a completely healthy, shiny, firm and wrinkles without any skin, you need a natural mask that has the nutrients to achieve it. In this case, the secret is in the gelatin. What makes this important ingredient is to fill the deficits of collagen in the skin as it passes age, eliminates small wrinkles, whitens skin and increases the circulation of blood.

The main component of the gel that helps take care of the face is collagen. Besides being the best remedy to prevent our skin is affected, also it helps the growth of nails and hair, since collagen is considered an important element in the regeneration of tissues. But besides gelatin, this secret has more ingredients that you are about to meet. Gelatin-based recipe to strengthen the skin and prevent arrugas05-mask-firm

You need the following ingredients for preparation:

– 2 tablespoons water

– 1 teaspoon gelatin

– 2 teaspoons of bruised bananas

Preparation and application:

Mix the water with the gelatin and let this rest, at least for 10 minutes. Then add the plantains mashed and mixed pretty well until everything is integrated. You must apply to the skin in an even layer, avoiding the area found around the mouth and eyes. After applying, relaxes facial muscles and let act for the next 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water to finish. You can do two to three times a week.

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