Sea and opera: why go to Dubai in November

The world has become a theatrical direction more – on August 31 in Dubai opens ultra-modern Opera House for two thousand spectators. At the first concert is not there (will sing Placido Domingo – a place in the hall ended in the early hours after the start of sales), but to buy tickets to the November premiere of “Les Miserables” and arrange a cultural and beach holiday is.


Like a huge schooner building Dubai Opera is located in the downtown – very convenient and is surrounded by major attractions and five star hotels. But if the morning after the musical you want to drink tea with a view of the sea, rather than the forest of skyscrapers, we recommend to stay at Fairmont The Palm twenty minutes by taxi.

Located just half an hour from the airport, on the “trunk” of the PalmĀ Jumeirah – and it’s a real resort with a garden, a sandy beach and views of the bay. The hotel owns 500 meters of coastline, so tourists are much more than business travelers, which could not affect the service. We arrived with a month-old baby,


or even with a teenager 16 years? Great! It offers Fairmont Falcons Kids’ Club with a water park and climbing wall. Want to go for a massage and relax after walking and shopping? You are at – the glory of the local spa Willow Stream Spa has spread far beyond the Jumeirah.

It makes cosmetic procedures in the US Kerstin Florian and local Shiffa Dubai – make corporate hammam Traditional Rose Bliss Hamam ( 60 minutes – AED 590 ) with grindings, Moroccan soap massage and final moisture of the skin pink fragrant balm. And if you want to taste dinner,

choose any of the seven hotel restaurant. But we advise you to pay attention to the Frevo – it serves Brazilian cuisine, and it is a rarity even variegated, vibrant Dubai.

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