Samsung Galaxy S8 +, in-depth

If last year the attention of the manufacturers of smartphones was directed to the camera of their top models of range, now all their efforts have been turned on the screen: it seeks to reduce the frames to its minimum expression to get compact terminals


with the screen Largest possible. It is a concept that we saw in the LG G6 and that we find again in the Samsung Galaxy S8 in both its “normal” version (5.8 inches) and the Plus version, 6.2 inches and we have had the opportunity to try. Just a glance is enough to realize that they have overcome the challenge with note: very narrow frames at the top and bottom, and almost imperceptible at the sides, where the panel curves.

One consequence of this fact is that we are faced with one of the most attractive designs we have seen, which highlights an impeccable construction and a glass finish that adds a touch of elegance, even though it becomes a real magnet for the prints. That the screen occupies so many surfaces has consequences in the rest of components. For example, it has been necessary to remove the home button that traditionally was located underneath it and has been replaced by a pressure sensitive area, integrated in the panel itself, and virtual controls that are already using a lot of smartphones with Android operating system.

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