With these rings, you feel the Heart of your companion, Anywhere on the Planet!

While through the development, technology has given us unprecedented ways to communicate with each other throughout the world, nothing compares to being located next to the man you love. Those who have experienced relationships on “distance, surely will tell you that is one of the hardest things that exist.


Nobody wants to be away from his people, especially for a long time. Which makes these rings so special. Manufactured from «TheTouch» company, these rings allow you to feel the pulse of the heart of your partner, no matter where you are on the planet.

A comfort that will reassure many. From rosy gold and stainless steel, the rings have on their surface a sapphire crystal, which means they can not be scratched and is very easy to use. Just sync with each other, using a mobile application and then tap light where there is available Wi-Fi to connect to that of your partner.

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