Results were obtained 44 countries, 80 scientists to investigate the 30 million trees around the world are moving a little

Anywhere in the world the kind of wood more diverse and more prosperous forest is proved by the fact that the first large-scale study. Notice shall be uncovered universal power of diversity in science.


United States West Virginia , Minnesota, Netherlands Scientist 80 of the Ecological Research Institute, etc. 44 countries, universities and research institutes names directly over trees, 30 million trees that grow in many climates, including tropical, temperate, desert research to obtain this result and 14 She said one.

The study was also involved Korean scientist Yi Bok-nam Kim Hyun-seok, a professor at Seoul National Forest Sciences Institute Research Professor of Forest Resources and Environmental Future. Research on Kim is the day Union news and e (trees to grow) in the e-mail interview, “biodiversity meantime the targeted trees forming the mountains and productivity is was a very limited, it is a large comprehensive study he said.

The researchers make up a mountain diversity of trees julmyeon 10% productivity decreased by approximately 3% said that. Also if wood paper production decreased 99% from the same area of land was found to decrease about 70%.

After all, Shem meaning that you can get a greater amount of timber well after you hold a variety of trees. Professor Kim “In the case of the East Asian forest ecosystem including Korea, less biodiversity areas relatively reduced productivity sensitive forests,” said “the current Forest Service to our country forest trying to Tuesday changed the afforestation policy-oriented Larch vary from native species broad-leaved it can be seen that it is absolutely necessary to make ecological, economic health, “he said.

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