Recognized historian scary announcement: World War III has begun

Several researchers and historians has long speculated that the Third World War may be brewing. The murder of the Russian ambassador in Turkey and the war in Syria has got more to draw parallels to both the First and Second World War. According to a Swedish researcher, the war has already begun.


The heir-apparent to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Franz Ferdinand, is assassinated by an only 19 year old Serbian nationalist. The murder sparked a war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia, which would later prove to be a catalyst for the beginning of World War I, where nine million people lost their lives.

December 19 this year, more than a hundred years later, the Russian ambassador Andrey Karlov shot and killed a 22-year-old Turkish officer who shouted ‘revenge for Aleppo’, while the fatal shot was fired during a speech in the Turkish capital Ankara.

Relations between the two countries have been critical, since Turkey last year shot down a Russian fighter jet on the border between Turkey and Syria, and the killing of the ambassador has led several to pull wires for murder in Sarejevo in 1914 and thus fear that another world war is in the offing.

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