Reasons to settle in Capri (Italy)

Live your life on Capri – a good plan, but not too ambitious. After at least five lives can be lived on this island – one interesting another, sometimes the letters convey the scale much better numbers. In any case, if we are talking about the scale of the phenomenon. For example, the island of Capri Elk Island Park is less than 11 times. However, artists, businessmen, spies and revolutionaries preferred to live in Capri – and that is at least some reasons.


Eternal beauty
View of Capri from Sorrento admittedly good, but miracles waiting for their artists directly on the island. Thoughtful seascapes may well devote a lifetime etched Blue Grotto and coastal cliffs – you can just start with the famous Faraglioni.

Three rocks, known individually as the Stella, Mezzo, and Fuori, were not only on canvas but also in the fragrance advertising campaign the Dolce & Gabbana Light the Blue , so that when they see – know immediately. Natura zhovialnym, by the way, you should pay attention not only to the local beauty, but also on the local beauties. “The head girl of Anacapri” has long deserved homage. At least photographic!


Peace and Freedom
Modern corporate culture, with its cult of eternal deadline would put on the brink of burnout even experienced scout-illegal. Scouts, however, knew very well how to deal with it. For example, one famous British spy (no matter how it is now an oxymoron may sound) admitted that Capri – “absolutely not his place”, and yet come to the island every year for three decades.

The secret, apparently, in a rare state of joyful peace. And the secret of joyous peace – the right choice of residence. Spy would advise to settle near Piazza Caprile in Anacapri.


Sense and Sensibility
The great interest shown to Capri, and perhaps in the history of the main specialist on nihilism, as well as the human and superhuman. Philosopher, announced to the world about the death of God, I spent a lot of time studying the ruins of the imperial villa Zhovis, as well as the legendary cave Grotta di Matrimonio. The first, obviously, suggests the greatness of human labor, the second is due to the legend surrounding it hints at a fascinating licentiousness of human nature.

Deserved rest
If you already began to think that Capri – a paradise for all kinds of intellectual and creative slackers, we recommend to moor a boat in Marina Grande and live in the best hotel on the Via Kanarelle. Then, to finally feel like a successful German industrialist, we recommend a walk along the Via Krupp – a winding path, at the same time cut with a sharp half at the narrowest part and connecting the August gardens to the monastery of San Giacomo.

Well, if the route will be closed due to falling rocks on the trail (which happens quite often) – you can just spend the rest of August in the gardens of the day, because there are even plants – monuments. Breathe the air deep: feel fresh and bitter citrus scent? Rather, it is a citron – plant, praised even by Pliny the Elder, and now released to the refined list of men’s fragrance ingredients Light Blue Beauty of Capri & Gabbana of the Dolce .

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