Prince Harry warmed up rumors of an engagement with Megan Markle

Rumors of the engagement of 36-year-old Megan Markle and 33-year-old Prince Harry have been going the last few months, and today the latter has been warmed up. Harry attended a funeral event timed to the upcoming Memorial Day (Memorial Day,


which is celebrated annually on November 11 in honor of all British Commonwealth soldiers who died in conflicts involving the UK), where he got into conversation with one of the participants of the ceremony about his beloved girlfriend. A former military employee, Matt Westmon, who lost both legs in Afghanistan, began to ask Harry how Megan was, and the prince did not withdraw from the answer:

I asked why he did not take Megan with him and whether she will come next year (which would be great, because she’s so cool). Harry told me that he would not be able to hide it in the next year,”Matt told reporters, from which they concluded that Harry would not be able to hide the girl, since they would be married. Westmon also added that he dreams of meeting the prince’s fiancee, because “she’s amazing, and Harry is just lucky to have grabbed such a diamond.”

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