Prince Harry is very worried about the popularity of Megan Markle.

Prince Harry and Megan Markle will spend August away from photographers and journalists, but then, in September, will return to royal duties.

A source close to the family of monarchs told Vanity Fair correspondent Cathy Nicoll that Harry was worried about Megan Markle. “He worries that there is too much hysteria around her. They want to avoid such close attention, ”the source says.

In addition, now Megan Markle does not communicate with journalists, so that the press does not make a sensation from each phrase of the Duchess. It is noted that in future the wife of the prince will be less likely to be published.

It is known that Harry and Megan excluded from their circle of friends those who communicate with the press. “They both don’t want to be talked about. If someone talks about them with journalists, they stop communicating with this person, ”the royal source added. It is also noted that Harry absolutely does not believe what the press writes about Megan, he just wants their lives to be less interesting for people.

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