Prince Charles gave Megan a strange, but pretty nickname

Prince Charles does not seem to like a soul in his daughter-in-law : insiders report that he invented for Megan Markle a pretty nickname, which immediately took root in the British royal family (which generally calls each other funny names and nicknames)

– Charles calls the Duchess of Sussex … Tungsten! Such an unusual nickname arose from the fact that with his strong and unbending character, Megan reminds Charles exactly this metal. Someone might think that the nickname is offensive, but in the eyes of Charles, and Megan, it’s a compliment.

This is a manifestation of tenderness on his part. Prince Charles admires the spirit of Megan and the fact that she has a steel rod. This is exactly what Harry needs, this is the type of girl and should be next to him, because he by nature can be very gentle, – Sources say.

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