Prince Charles has cheated on his wife and mistress

At Camilla Parker Bowles have the opportunity to try out their own pill. How to inform the Western media, Prince Charles changed his wife – the very woman he cheated on his ex-wife Princess Diana , the mother of his children Prince William and Prince Harry.


However, it happened long ago, during the time of his first marriage, so technically he changed and his wife, and his permanent mistress. On adultery Prince explains in the biographical book “The Prince Chaorlz Passion and the Paradox of the incredible life of the Prince of Wales» ( «Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life, the Prince of Wales»). Charles twisted affair with a certain entrepreneur Sue Tansend that, as his legal wife and illicit lover Camilla, was blonde.

The book, as they say, left no one indifferent. And especially – the current wife of Charles Camille (her he married after the scandalous divorce from Diana, she is divorced with his best friend Andrew Parker Bowles).”Camilla furious, she always suspected that was not his only lover. She shared a bed with Charles before, during and after his marriage to Diana, and refuses to believe that he could change and it.

She used sex to control Charles, and the idea that he traded it, and even the young and beautiful, driving her crazy. When she found out about it, she just went crazy and put up Charles thrashing. Camilla never ashamed of his emotions and his perepalo great. They say she even launched into his head figurine made of onyx ” – an insider said.

By the way, the same Sue, which is now so much noise, soap factories owned by Crabtree & Evelyn and Charles heads the company Duchy Originals. Charles’s biographer Sally Bedell Smith, the 67-year-old Sue does not deny that she was having an affair with the prince.

“We were close, but it was a very long time” – she says, and calls to do mountains out of molehills.  Separated Sue Charles because of the desire of women to close shop Duchy gift shop for a week in 1997 to honor the memory of the deceased in a car accident of Lady Diana. It’s not like Charles, and Sue asked him not to come to her with personal questions.

Since then, they – only employees.”69-year-old Camilla so desperately wanted to be a queen, that turned a blind eye on the novel by Charles and Barbara Streisand, secret relationship with Catherine Zeta-Jones, and even forgave him after the paparazzi caught him kissing a young man. She had always known that he has a weakness to men, but very much wanted to sit on the throne. Now she’s a taste of their own bitter pills, and threatened to tell everything she knows about the death of Diana ” – an insider said.

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