Police seeking a mountain lion found some ‘unusual’ creatures

The Police Department Gardner, Kansas, responded to an emergency call by the possibility that there was a mountain lion that threatened the area of Celebration Park. What they found left them surprised. To determine whether there was a threat of that wild animal in fact, the authorities installed two night vision cameras to track activity in the area, as he wrote in Facebook Police Gardner.


Although there was no report of such animals -the police he said he was ‘happy’ for it- the cameras captured a series of images that were posted on the social network. “We are surprised by some images that captured the camera , ” said Gardner Police Department.

The photos show images of some coyotes, foxes and raccoons and some human disguised as wild animals posing with masks on camera in the middle of a dark landscape.

“We want to sincerely thank the people responsible for this as they cheered us up with the photos that we expected to find hundreds of coyotes, foxes and raccoons , ” police wrote in his Facebook page. “Thanks to the citizens who noticed the cameras. We greatly appreciate your effort and sense of humor , “authorities said.

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