Photoshop with celebrities: Amazing photos of Lorenz Valentino with stars

Lorenz Valentino is an actor and see his photos, it’s even a great actor. In addition, he has a real talent for graphic designer: he masters the Photoshop software. He presents himself as the friend of VIP and edit celebrities photos with photoshop great job. He shares their intimate moments. Lorenz is the friend of all the stars. Reminds me of a joke that we told in the playground. You may know you.


It starts like this, it is the story of Valentino Lorenz who claims to know everyone. A friend highly doubt: know everyone is impossible. Prove it to me. Then he takes a trip to Hollywood. His friend then takes pictures of Lorenz with David Beckham, Spiderman, Miley Cyrus, Madonna, James Bond, Jennifer Lopez, Mark Zuckerberg, David Guetta, Christiano Ronaldo, Superman, Paris Hilton and others. Look at these pictures and then I will tell you the fall of the story.


Finally, Lorenz Valentino and his friend go on a trip to Rome. They arrive in St. Peter. Lorenz asks his friend to wait in the middle of the crowd.


A few minutes later, this friend sees the Pope Francis on the full discussion balcony with Lorenz. A lady pat on the shoulder of the Lorenz friend and asks, tell me sir, is that the guy in white next to Lorenz Valentino? This time, it’s too much for him. He fainted! And it will not take the picture. Too bad, it could have easily completed the series of shots as crazy as funny and cheeky!



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