Passenger aircraft attacked Ivanka Trump with insults and accusations

In an unpleasant situation this past day was Ivanka Trump , who was sent with his family for the Christmas holidays. The airline JetBlue aircraft cabin, ready to fly out of New York, one of the passengers attacked the daughter of US president-elect Donald Trump with insults and accusations.


Not having to get on a plane, Ivanka faced with a man who began waving his arms and scolding her. Your father is ruining the country. Why is it in our flight? You have to fly on his own plane, Trump said the man, who was trying to calm his frightened children, ignoring the aggressive passenger.

As Western media reports, flight attendants brawler landed the plane, because they felt that there was a risk of escalation of the conflict during the flight. When a man taken out of the ship, he shouted:

You blow me for what I express my opinion ?! Later it became known that the perpetrator – a lawyer, Daniel Jennings Goldstein of Brooklyn, which stood at protecting his or her spouse. My husband expressed his displeasure in a calm tone, and JetBlue employees overheard and kicked us out of the plane, He wrote in his Twitter Matthew Lasner, which account after publicizing the incident was deleted.

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