Panic Attack: 12 Simple Steps to calm

High stress can cause a panic attack, and we do not always realize that it is happening to us in such moments. Read what should be done to eliminate the stress state. If you captured a panic attack, you can cope with it. The main thing – is to pull myself together and try to calm down.12 easy steps to help you troubleshoot a panic attack:


1. Drink a glass of water.

2. Start to pronounce all that you do, aloud. Cheer myself.

3. Deep breathe.

4. Turn on your favorite music, sing along.

5. Warm your hands, shake them as if you want to shake.

6. A person, on the contrary, try to cool down (to open the window if you are indoors, wash several times with cold water).
7. Completely relax your body (if possible, sit or lie down), close your eyes, imagine that you are in a state of weightlessness, close your eyes, feel the lightness in the body.

8. Switch to the mind to solve problems if you are behind the wheel, see map and think of how you can create your own route without navigation (anywhere, maybe even in another city). Teaches foreign language, repeat words, phrases, texts. Have at itself working / training record book. It is possible to draw or paint a picture.

9. If possible, talk with someone about the pleasant and desirable exciting that the theme was enjoyable for both of you.

10. If there is an animal home, pet him, talk with him, and play. Contact with animals generally very helpful.
11. You can chew the cud (candy too amiss).

12. As soon as you feel that it becomes at least a little easier to tell yourself: “This is my body, I have to manage it. I’m in control of my situation and it will stabilize soon. I know my body, my thoughts. ” Do not panic, because every situation, no matter how difficult it may seem, there is a way, and very soon you will find it.

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