Novak Djokovic fired just three coaches

The second-ranked Serb Novak Djokovic has terminated his relationship with coach Mariano Vaydor, a fitness coach and physiotherapist Gebhard Griechen, Miljan Amanovic. The decision to suspend cooperation was made after a detailed


analysis of the game, the results achieved and to discuss plans for each team member. I feel that a new chapter in my life. In my career I have always moved on the rise, and now I’m going through a stage where the path leads in the other direction. I want to find the right path and back to top even stronger and sturdier.

I strongly believe in this process, so take some time to find the right person with whom I can work together professionally. In 2013, the Serb lost two finals in Grand Slam tournaments, after which he became head coach of the German Boris Becker and Slovak specialist continued to work in the headquarters.

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