Do not look into people’s selfies, that you can throw into depression

People are generally published selfies on which the happy or having fun, which is why someone may ask why it is not so, and this can lead to a drop in self-esteem and life satisfaction. Do you feel unhappy and depressed, scientists have now found another culprit to which you can bring responsibility – selfies.


A study at Penn State University found that frequently watch other people’s self-portrait taken by mobile phone or camera can be associated with reduced self-esteem and life satisfaction.

People are generally published selfies on which the happy or having fun, and someone who often looks at photographs of those who are cheerful and smiling could ask why he / she is not as good as these people. This can lead to the fall of self-esteem and life satisfaction, says study author Ruoxu Wang.

In a study they conducted on 275 people in the United States, indicate that this is perhaps because they have a sense of community when they watch group photos, because they, too, could be on them. The study authors say that they expect that only the publication of selfies have an impact on self-esteem, but they discovered that the real effect when viewing photos, but not publishing.

– What we found is that when publishing on social networks should be aware that our behavior has a psychological effect on the other – says Wang, according to the Miami Herald.

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