New virus destroys iPhone

Link to video is actually a new virus that threatens the American giant Apple. When monitored by the mobile user, delay the operation of the device until it “crashes” completely … The Miaopai company video, which is the Chinese version of American Vine,


normally plays in the video player of the iPhone. But once finished, you may need and more than a minute for the device to lock up, requiring virtually forced reboot to return to normal operation. Most users do not perceive a malfunction while using their smartphone, until it either does not open at all, or lock operation in a single application on the home screen or in a moving background logo with a black screen.

The error, which appears to contain operating functions of iOS media affects versions of the operating system up to iOS 5 and devices from iPhone 4 to iPhone 7. The oldest is the version of the smartphone, the more quickly becomes locked.

The lock is not permanent, but requiring a factory reset or forced restart, so the iPhone to regain functionality. Once rebooted, the mobile phone appears to be operating normally. What happens along the way, it is still unknown …

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