New Technology: The Future through the trends of virtual reality

After three years , it will be impossible to distinguish the difference between virtual and physical reality, according to the ten leading consumer trends for 2017 and subsequent years. The AI seems to play an important role in the coming years. Both in society and in the workplace.


Trends for the next year include an artificial intelligence director as a business manager, a smartphone that knows your habits and will move only in one automated car and augmented reality glasses. The findings of the report of 10 Sovereign Consumer Trends for 2017 based on global research activities of Ericsson ConsumerLab for more than 20 years ,

as well as data from an online survey of Internet advanced users in 14 major cities around the world, held in
October 2016. Although this study represents only 27 million users, they are people who have adopted very early on new technology, so it is very important to understand their profile for exploring future trends.

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